Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well that only took 3 hours! Thanks to a very special person I had to figure out how to view a new RAW format. That seemed easy at first but then Bridge didn't want to recognize it. I won't bore you with the tech-y details.

Anyway, this was the first real test of my camera and I decided to go to a new "beach" down by Lake Ontario. It's called Sugar Beach because of the Redpath sugar refinery across from it. Very nice spot even on a fall day. It was warmer there than anywhere else today even though I was right down by the lake. The sun on the white chairs was lovely. I should have taken a moment to sit in it but I was on the move. I'll write more about this spot in a new blog. That's coming soon!

I did try out the panorama function of the camera and it is so easy and such a neat feature. No fussing in Photoshop stitching images together! The result is above.