Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Work - and it's not Spain

I have a show coming up at the Woodside Square Library. Since I had less than a month's notice, I'm including some of the work I showed at the Art of the Danforth and creating 3-4 new pieces. I'm going to show 7 in total, so that's not too bad. I had sent images of the pieces for AofD for my application. I was intending to do more specific archival images for the area of the branch but since it's in a relatively new area of town, this wasn't as easy so I've included one image taken from an archival photo showing a theatre around Yonge and Queen in 1913. The other shows workman not far from the current location of the branch where this will show. The other is a bus from the Toronto-Markham-Stouffville route (the branch is near Markham, yes I'm reaching here!).

I also worked on some shop photos from my trip to Barcelona. They're meant as a possible wedding present for a friend so I'll show them later. Happy Wedding day to them! Hope the weather gets better.

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