Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter things

The good point of being freelance/under-employed is that it allows you to take an hour out and go take photos. I had to drop off some business cards to a gallery where I will have a photo in a show this month on my way (so not all fun and games, business was done too). I noticed the sky was really interesting over the lake so after the gym and a little bit of shopping for supplies, off I went. You can see what I mean about  the sky. Such and interesting colour. I wanted to try out my new gradual density filter and ND filter. I tried the gradual but it was just so very, very, VERY cold down there I couldn't be doing with switching out filters and setting up a tripod. I also didn't plan this very well so my battery was low. I made sure I kept it warm in my mitten until I got to the beach.

Now those supplies... Guinness was harmed in the making of dinner tonight. It is a key ingredient for both dinner and dessert. I made a stew and a cake.

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