Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Illustrator work

Here's my second project for my Illustrator class this winter. Class wrapped up today although today was the first day I couldn't attend. I think I only missed crits for everyone's final project (which you will see in the coming days as well). I'm a lot more comfortable with this programme now and can leave my CorelDraw days behind.

In this image there wasn't much "freehand" drawing except for the cyclist and car and lamps. All of the buildings were taken from my photos of buildings in Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Berlin, Paris, San Francisco and right here in Toronto. I had to work on the images in Photoshop first to take out any of the background and then live traced them in Illustrator and then played around with their colours. I also created the brushes used in the "sky" and "sidewalk" by live tracing images of watercolour brushstrokes. I then used other images as starting points for the actual car, cyclist and lamps from my own photos and tracing over them with the pen tool.

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