Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Today is a baking/cooking day. I like days like this. I'm still creating although I do feel a bit guilty as I feel like I'm having too much fun.

After sitting "brewing"(?) for nearly 3 days, the canelé mixture was ready. It's best to let it sit for at least a couple of days and I'm happy to say I think it paid off! It immediately took me back to Bordeaux and just over a month ago when I first ate one of these perfect little treats. Thanks to Chocolate and Zucchini where I seem to have found the best and least complicated recipe for them. I bought two sets of moulds - one a little bit bigger than the other (the latter I found in Auchan for just 3 Euro!). It also pays to let them bake just that little bit longer for that caramel-y like appearance. It's hard to describe how you have to almost break the outside "skin" to get at the egg-y goodness inside. Bliss.

Now waiting for my squash soup simmering away in the Le Creuset that I (re:hubby) lugged home from Bordeaux. Just too good of a price to miss!


  1. Wow great job. Is that your first try?

    Market Day Canele

  2. It was the first try so that's why I was so surprised it worked! Just got the baking moulds in October and I've been wanting to try them.