Saturday, December 10, 2011

Decorations outside

Well it finally stopped raining a couple of days ago and the sun was out today and it was lovely so I was able to pop out to take these finally.


My brother made the birch reindeer

the berries are from our vine in the backyard

Already a casualty of a broken ornament. Got to have one a season.


And there are more lights going down the length of the fence

Nice day out in the morning shopping at the market and thinking about Christmas meals. After taking these pictures tonight, I think I would like a new tripod on my Christmas list. Need a better head on the tripod - one that I can trust. I watched as my camera slowing started turning in portrait format. Not something you want for doing long exposure, although that effect could be interesting.

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  1. How pretty, Eileen! You have the right Christmas spirit. I especially love your bro's reindeer. I want one, too.