Monday, August 20, 2012

Tomato canning extravaganza

Well it's been a while since I posted anything! It's been one of those busy summers with loads of guests. There was always the preparing for guests, then having the guest(s) and then preparing for the next. But now the 2012 season is over for visiting and it's tomato time! We've been waiting patiently for the first delivery of bushels of tomatoes at the local supermarket. Sadly our own tomato harvest is way too small for that.
The setup. One bowl in front for the crushed tomatoes
and one behind for the skin and seeds.

Waiting for their pressing.

We're pretty lucky in this city to have more than one Little Italy. I trekked out to Dufferin and St. Clair over a month ago to pick up the O.M.A.C. tomato presser, made in Italy, at Consiglio's. This place is the place to go for such items and has an amazing coffee maker section. Actually it's not so much a section as just all over the store.
Yes, that's a Pimm's in the background. This works up a thirst.

Boiling the tomatoes for about 5-10 mins on the bbq.

Anyway, I was a bit hesitant when buying it as it came with absolutely NO instructions (and yes I tried googling it but no luck there either). Not even a "don't put your hand in here" warning. And we didn't test it out before getting the bushel of tomatoes so it was baptism by fire. And... it worked! It worked a lot, lot better than doing it by hand last year. There was still some mess so we took it outside (including using the bbq burner). I think it did help to parboil the tomatoes first to loosen their skins.
The sauce bubbling away.

We'll be enjoying the tomato sauce, the passata, and the tomato jam throughout the year until this time next year (we still have some from last year!).

Jars, jars and more jars.
Now what to can next?

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  1. That looks *familiar!*

    Having tried to do uncooked tomatoes, parboiling is essential otherwise you either a) can't turn the handle or b) develop the Hulk's muscles and break the handle or c) have softish tomatoes and exhaustion anyway.

    Glad it went well, from one of those guests!