Friday, October 30, 2009

Paris and Berlin travels - art supply replenishing

Okay, I haven't been keeping up as I should but I was away nearly two weeks. However, I did manage to do a few watercolours while away. I kept meaning to while we were in Paris but we did go for walks at night and just something kept getting in the way of me sitting down. My husband went off one morning in the hopes that I would go out painting down by the canal near us but it was freezing that day! I couldn't imagine sitting on the concrete or even being able to use my fingers after a while so I went further up the canal from Bastille to Saint Martin to take pictures instead. I can always use those images later to inspire watercolours.

Anyway, it wasn't until Berlin that I started. My first stop upon landing was the art supply store Boesner's which had a location nearby. Perfect! It was enormous. I got paper I couldn't get here (didn't open it yet). I got watercolour pencils (set of 48) and watercolour pans all by manufacturers that don't sell here. Fabulous. So I was inspired when I got back that night to use them. Nearly had a bit of a meltdown when they didn't take non-German credit cards but hubby pulled through and loaned me the money. It was so nice to spend evenings that way. We had a tv but only German channels. So hubby was on the i-touch surfing the net or reading and I was painting. Lovely.

So first picture up - the loot from the store and the store itself (very cheap coffee there - 50 cents!).

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