Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eiffel landscape

Just a quick watercolour pencil sketch based on a photo in the Marie Claire Maison magazine (Sept '09) while I waited for my birthday lunch with my parents (thank you). It was my birthday yesterday. I did bring a sketchbook with me to the cafe (my treat to myself was to go and sit in a cafe for part of the day) but instead I emailed friends (yay free wifi!), drank my large chai latte, looked up lenses for my camera and mostly just wrote in my sketchbook notes for my interview tomorrow (yikes!). So that was my day. Had a lovely evening with the hubby who bought me a book with my Paris photographs printed in it (very sweet) and never got around to painting. So that's my excuse. I did a quick calculation the other day and I have to pick up the pace a bit more. Thought I was doing well lately but that's not making up for periods when I didn't or I was away. Must work harder towards this in 2010.

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