Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Playing around - January 12th

Yesterday I just felt like I had to do something late in the afternoon. It had been a bit of a down day (etsy problems, still waiting to hear about a job etc.) so I took myself out of the house, went to a nice cafe after taking some pictures at the beach, and then bought myself two magazines. I figured I could because I went out on Monday with the express idea to buy a lens (birthday present) and to use money from my aunt and uncle and I bought nothing. I just love the bright colours in the British magazine Living etc. I just love that magazine period. It's so good about featuring homes in other countries too. I also bought a photography magazine with some great tips. I was too tired last night to give that one my full attention.

Anyway, so here's the result of playing with my watercolour pencils and being inspired by Living etc.

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