Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big apology

Okay, if anyone is checking in on this blog then I have to offer a big apology for not posting anything for ages. Here come the excuses. First I've been working on other things like creating a website and doing work for two shows (more on that later). Second, I've been under the weather but I think that's getting sorted out. I took a good portion of last week off to rest and see if that would help. It also timed nicely with the Olympics so that was good. Yay Canada!

The above photos are works I just produced and framed for a group show at a local gallery, Cobalt. The show features a number of artists. The only restriction was that the works be no bigger than 10 x 10 so I went to the max.

I will post the reworked Danforth Radio later and, if I finish it today, the Linsmore Hotel image I've been working on for the Art of the Danforth festival.

Soldiering on but first I have to cheer someone I know up and myself with some flowers. It's beautiful outside so I'm looking forward to the walk.

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