Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baking again

Well it was a bit of a cake extravaganza around here last night. I baked 24 cupcakes using the Magnolia Bakery recipe. I really should have tried to halve the amount. There was just too much goodness to go around. Someone bought a mocha cake from a nearby bakery that was delicious. Another person brought these incredible cake pops (yes, cake on sticks! brilliant!). There were jelly babies from another friend (along with artwork!). Nice night. Another reason for leftovers was that a few people were sick. Get better folks!

Thought I would photograph the cupcakes with the sun shining into the kitchen and balancing it out with reflectors. I also had leftover dough from lemon madeleines I made last week so I baked those up on Friday.

I really must join that new gym...

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