Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting behind

new bulletin board

I actually created this new fabric bulletin board two weeks ago. I thought there needed to be something under the new shelf above my desk. I also have a couple of sweet cards from hubby to put up. Just looking at them pushes me forward. On top of the new shelf is a wonderful birthday present from a friend, the artist. I'm jealously keeping it here for really just me to look at as I work. I may move it later where it can be enjoyed by others and possibly beside another work by her. Also up on the shelf is a sunshine buddy going crazy thanks to the light above it. This was a prize that I won thanks to Pretty Modern. These are all important things that needed a shelf. It also gave me a bit more space on my desk.


On the cooking creative front there was another lasagna in our new Emile Henry pan. Again, this was last weekend. I love this pan and was even shopping for a large stew pot or oven last night. The site had a good deal. The worrying thing on the page was under the "Frequently bought with" part. It showed it frequently bought with dog food. Weird. Unfortunately it no longer says that.

I will blame my delay on coming down with yet another cold, my new classes keeping me busy and a new blog that I just started DesignT.O.

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  1. The bulletin board looks great! I need something like this, too, so that I can rotate my ever growing collection of postcards.