Sunday, March 18, 2012

Post St. Patrick's day

It was an Irish feast yesterday. After last weekend's Irish film festival, we basically just stuck to celebrating St. Patrick's day with food. I think that's a good way.

Seeing as I don't drink beer, I can consume Guinness in cake form. I found the recipe here, which is basically the Nigella Lawson recipe, that I can't find. I've searched all of her cookbooks that I own and nothing. This is driving me crazy because I know I made it before.

with the addition of candy shamrocks

Not as good as my mom's soda bread but I did use a recipe from a book she gave me! Irish cheddar did accompany it.

And there was corned beef and cabbage, although that's not actually Irish and the cabbage wasn't my favourite Irish spring cabbage.


  1. First St Patrick's day celebration I've *ever* heard of that wasn't a poor excuse for excess drinking. Good one.


    1. Guess, it does make a change. And it was enjoyed by all. No rioting unlike London, Ontario.

  2. The London ON riots didn't make the news here. Classy. I've always been pretty suspicious of those (outside Ireland) desperate to celebrate their historical Irishness on one particular high-alcohol day a year.

    We never 'celebrated' the day when I was growing up, something I suspect to do with it being in the 1970s in the original London which had a few issues with the less friendly side of Irish nationalism Vs British repression.

    Cake's much better!

    1. Cake is always better!

      Yes, I avoid pubs and the like. Can never understand it myself and have flashbacks of being the only kid wearing green at a mostly Italian school.