Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19, 2009 - New York brownstone

Been working on photographs of New York today while waiting around. They're much like the Berlin and Paris black-and-whites. I even posted two on etsy. I may even post a couple more. But I really wanted and needed to do a watercolour today as well so I'm posting that first. I may still post the photos.

I love the brownstone buildings in New York. In fact most of the buildings in New York have incredible detail. It's difficult not to photograph them all.

I painted this on my new favourite paper that I mentioned before - Hahnemuhle's Burgund matt. In case you're wondering I also have a favourite photo paper for those black-and-white prints. Unfortunately I couldn't get it again in New York and had to settle for a sample pack of Gekko by Pictorico. The "Red" version worked so well when I printed out the Paris photos. It's from Japan and gives such a nice luminous quality to the blacks.

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