Friday, November 20, 2009

November 20, 2009 - New York still on my mind

Last week I was in New York on Friday night and was having my nails done. This week, very different.

Anyway, I spent this evening tidying the kitchen and dining room (got to have it clean before hubby gets home), reading my book online for book club tomorrow night and I thought I should fit in a quick watercolour before settling down for the night with a cup of tea, some ice cream and some tv watching (maybe get caught up on some Coronation Street?). Then I also want to fit in some reading of my photography magazine in bed.

So yet another New York house. This one is a bit sketchier. I was working very small (6 x 4") on paper that I got in Germany. I've never used it before. It is very fine with not much forgiveness. You have to be quick when working a colour through or you see your start and finish areas. I think if I was working a bigger area and not worried about leaving small detail areas free then it would be fine. In case you're wondering it's Lana watercolour paper.

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