Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 29, 2009 - Now for a different city

Leicester! Yes, I went to Leicester. Why? Well, I had ideas of pursuing another degree. I wouldn't actually have to go there but could do it by distance. Well, I would have to show my face once a year and to defend my thesis but that's it. But my plan to meet with some people to talk to them about the course but more especially about funding my studies fell through. It's still at the back of my mind but there it will stay for a while if not forever. I also wanted to see what Leicester looked like. For awhile I was employed by a company based there and I like taking the train especially from the newly renovated St. Pancras station.

Anyway, it was a beautiful sunny day there. Leicester is quite quirky and has a lot of old bits that are interesting but also some newish bits that you rather avoid (the centre shopping area is an example of 60s ? town planning that doesn't work so well). It also seemed to be well stocked with Subway sandwich places for some reason. I ended up leaving it too late for lunch and grabbed an awful sandwich at the train station (very nice train station by the way). I spotted the Turkey Cafe earlier in the day and loved the tile and the name of the place. It looked very art nouveau. Unfortunately, it had a Burger King right beside it.

I should really continue painting today to make up for yesterday. I have to find some photos that are lurking on a defunct Aperture library. I've been putting that off for way too long. Maybe they will inspire more paintings. They're photos taken from my week-long course at the Toronto School of Art in June so maybe Toronto will actually feature in a painting. I feel bad that it doesn't usually. Poor old Toronto but you're rapidly falling out of favour with me for a number of reasons that proper management could fix.

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