Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Yes, another streetcar but this one is older than the one I painted before. I might not even include both of them although I'm more pleased with them than some of the other works.

So, I've been absent from here yet again. But do not fear, I have been busy creating. I had to get a set of photographs ready for a gallery who took on 5 of them (Hurrah!). I had to mat and frame an etching and hand it in for the Stomping Grounds exhibit opening this Thursday at Alternative Grounds. Some editing (best if I don't get too creative there). Trying to grow my business. Making contacts etc. Setting up an art based website for my work with e-commerce (so if you've liked something here you might be able to buy it!). Planting flowers... Okay I'm reaching but I've been busy.

Excuses out of the way. On to the next picture.

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