Friday, April 23, 2010

To do list for this weekend including ART OF THE DANFORTH

So what to do this weekend? Well, first and foremost is participating in the Art of the Danforth show at 2035 Danforth Ave (see below for work). I plan to walk along the Danforth from Greenwood to Woodbine and take in the various installations and activities and then there's a media launch to attend.

But besides that... I need to get the deck set up for some serious lounging this summer so the chairs are coming out. I might even get ivy for the camouflaging of the ugly shed. I also have to work on my closet (I couldn't find a shoe yesterday but retrieved today). I must get back to painting (I have some ideas coming from my trip to High Park) and work on photos. Ambitious? Maybe but it sounds like fun too.

Have a great weekend.

*the photo above is one that seems to creep out everyone but it's my desktop photo and I like it. It was taken in Paris near Bastille. I believe the store front was for a dollmaker's or repair shop.

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