Friday, December 10, 2010

Getting ready for a Sale

Still haven't updated why the disappearance. Too busy! But the reason is that we were in France (again) for a couple of weeks. We went to Paris and Lyon and a side trip to Geneva for the day.

When I got back I had to finish up work at my old job and prepare for a bit of a transition. I'm planning a blitz of courses in digital media and art business. I'm allowing time for a bit of a re-group. I'm also updating my French skills.

But first I'm hoping to sell some of my photos at a show tomorrow. One day only with a bunch of creative gals. Wish me luck.

Above is a photo taken as a storm was threatening in Paris on our last day. We were staying right across from the Pantheon. I was really hoping to be snowed in and have to stay but oh well...

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