Tuesday, December 28, 2010


After a write-off of a day yesterday (spent most of it asleep) I'm feeling a bit better today and ready to tackle going through my photos from France and Switzerland and thinking about the Contact show in May. Very excited about this upcoming show. A lot is invested so I have to get working on it. Before you know it, May will be here. I know it doesn't look like that outdoors.

I hadn't planned on doing this shop photo taken in Lyon in black and white. Really I wasn't planning to have any b&w for the show. I just happened to hit an action I had downloaded and I liked it. It probably won't be used for the show and may end up being in colour again but I feel better about just creating something today.

I also took the first steps to creating a new blog for design in Toronto. There's a welcome post but that's all for now. When I really get going I'll post a link here.

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