Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fun with Photoshop - Instagramming it

One of the things I did after my birthday was to swear off social media for at least a week and I did it. That included instagram. I was using this a lot. Too much. I had to reformat my iphone and didn't even add it back on to make sure I didn't use it. Why? Because I was letting my phone be more creative than myself. Sure I composed the picture, chose the subject and chose the filter but it didn't seem the same. I wanted a more hands-on process and to have a photo with more quality. In stepped my birthday present to help with this and make me not use my camera phone. I love my Sony NEX-5. It can travel so easily in my purse and weighs next to nothing. I go out at lunchtime and take pictures and it's great. Back to being more creative.

Having a bit of time this weekend I thought I would try some almost instagram-like photos and here's an example. This is a photo from our trip to Bordeaux in October. I applied some lomography-like colours and added a frame. And it is good enough quality to print. Stay tuned for more.

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