Monday, January 30, 2012

Fun with Photoshop - Black and White


After having weekend plans change, I finally had some time to get down to playing with my photos and photoshop. I have also been catching up with a back log of photography magazines and I decided to follow some of the tips in Digital Camera's feature on Black&White Masterclass. This is from issue 120. Now, this is a bit on the extreme end although the clouds were pretty menacing. We were biking along the river in Bordeaux when a storm appeared out of nowhere. We can laugh about it now but after not being able to find a spot to ditch our bikes (they were part of the velib' system), I was starting to worry about a waterlogged camera. I could dry but my camera would be the worse for wear. I covered my beloved Sony A55 until we finally pulled over for some shelter. Never think you can beat a storm or that it will get better.

Here I've worked with the channels mixer to isolate a certain colour to bring out the drama in the sky. Many curves layers and masking later, this was created with some added dodging and burning and some added noise.

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