Sunday, January 15, 2012

Playing with HDR

I've been meaning to see what all this HDR stuff is myself for a while now especially since I got CS5. It's pretty neat stuff (it seems late in the game to be saying this). I haven't gone for the over-the-top stuff, yet. I remembered bracketing some shots in anticipation of this when I was in Paris in 2010 so I thought I would play around with these photos.  I kind of liked playing more with the softness and creating something pastel-like. I know I could have done that in Corel Painter but not with the same highlights and shadow work.

It has certainly intrigued me and I plan on doing more especially using it to cope with differing lighting conditions like indoor photography. My DSLR (Sony A55) also does in camera HDR so it's not as crucial for compensating for different lighting conditions in Photoshop but some extra, minor adjustments would probably help too.

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